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Global Experience and a Passion for Banking since 2004

New Paradigm represents a new type of approach to Executive Search. Strong business knowledge is a given - we have close to 20 years of global experience, and covering the Banking Sector since 2004. We also use advanced searching tools and techniques for our Searches.

What really sets us apart is our approach - as ICC Certified Life Coaches, we operate with a high level of EQ and integrity at all times, it's our de-facto standard. With our Industry and Sales in general, revenue is king, often at the detriment to many other important factors in business relationships. We believe that when we apply our 'philosophy' to all our activities, revenue is simply generated as a bye-product.    

Our firm specializes in areas within banking such as Research, Sales and Credit, across Investment Banking to Asset Management and Transaction Services. Whether you’re a Global Banking Powerhouse or a small Fin-tech business, we will provide you with great service, helping you to thrive in the world. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every Search, and customize our support to your individual needs and requirements.

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Areas of Specialisation


From the Front Office of Investments Banks to Asset Management and Credit Rating, we love to Research, and we love to Recruit Researchers! It is one of our core strengths and a source of competitive advantage, given our knowledge, experience and the depth of our database.


From Private Equity to M&A and Management Consultants who support front line transactions, we can help find the right fit for your requirements.  


A major key to success of any business is the effectiveness of their front line Sales staff. Using our Coaching skills, another core strength of New Paradigm is our ability to recruit professionals in this function that align to your business from an IQ and EQ perspective


New Paradigm serves both the traditional and alternative asset management space, ranging from long only to hedge funds to real estate. We adopt a unique approach in our asset management practice by leveraging off our existing practices and identify talented candidates who could add immense value to an asset management business.


In-depth knowledge and experience gained from working with one of the worlds largest Private Banks, gives us a major edge when recruiting any skill-set in the Private Banking sector



The backbone of corporate businesses finance needs globally, and the largest sector of banking outside of retail, talk to us about your needs for Treasury professionals, we have a long track record.


In order to change an existing paradigm, you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete
— R. Buckminster Fuller


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